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High Point Yoga School

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Why are private yoga sessions beneficial?

-Comfort in sharing your personal history in a private setting.

-Boost your confidence.

-A practice tailored specifically to your needs and schedule.

-Tools that will last a lifetime.

-Reduces the anxiety a beginner may feel.

Private yoga lessons are perfect for beginners, those suffering from injuries, those who want to work on specifics, those who need practice on their schedule...


Private Lessons

Prices vary depending on instructor.  We have in studio private yoga classes as well as virtual options.  

30 minutes in person

$35 - $50

30 minutes virtual

$25 - $35

60 minutes in person

$65 - $80

60 minutes virtual

$55 - $65

AGAIN - Prices vary depending on instructor.  Contact us for more information and to schedule a session.

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