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Who We Are...

High Point Yoga School has been growing and evolving within me long before I brought the idea to a friend.  Words once said, are powerful.  As I thought more on the idea I began to see that the hardships I had endured in my life were preparing me.  The obstacles, preparing me.  The rise, preparing me.  The support of my family, my friends, my community...preparing.  What I saw in myself was a perfectly imperfect girl who kept showing up and exposing the darkest parts of herself for all to see.  In doing so I created a safe place not only for myself but for students coming into my class.  That's what High Point Yoga school is reflective of; meeting our rawness, vulnerability, and humanness with compassion and love.  This is what I have been given and this is what I want to give back.

Come exactly as you are and leave a better (still flawed, still perfect) person.  

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